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By Angela at Mid Mod Flair

My name is Angela and I am the owner, operator and artist at Mid Mod Flair.

Mid Mod Flair is my dream that I have now made my reality. Although it is not my first time having an art business as I had one when I lived for a time in Northern Illinois where I painted mural art and faux finishes for about 5 years.

My first mural was in my own daughter’s room when she was only 2, and I had a blast doing it! Inspired by Mary Blair and the art of the It’s a Small World ride, the colors were bright and the design was cheerful and fun! Both my dad and I worked on it and I knew that I wanted to do this for other people…as I had only so many walls in my own home. I wanted to never stop painting.

Some of my wall creations inspired by Mary Blair. The top two are from my daughters room and the botom two were from a store I painted in. #maryblair

When my husband and I, along with our younger daughter, moved to Prescott, Arizona 8 years ago, I planned on getting back into my art, but soon after our move, there was period of time where my husband fell ill. He was struggling with his health and we didn’t know what it was.

Tragically, my husband, Tom, received a diagnosis of throat cancer, and a number of years went by while we tackled this horrific new development.

Sadly Tom did not survive the cancer treatments. It’s 5 years ago today, the day I (actually) wrote this post on the 24th of September 2019, that he passed away.

It took me a few years to get used to my new life, to figure out what was next, but I always knew that art and design was where I needed to be. I knew I had to persevere.

Fast forward to a year and a half ago…and I'm on this new artistic venture with Mid Mod Flair; although I did not have the name just yet. I felt like I had found what I had always been looking for in terms of it being my own true way of expressing my love of color, design and love of the paint medium.

One of my first smaller paintings. It became a likely symbol for my business.

When the idea for Mid Mod Flair started to take shape, I thought back to my childhood, I looked back and my past art pieces and assignments for college, and I quickly knew where I was going to go with my business. I think I have always had it in me to find inspiration in art from the 1950s and 1960s as I had always gravitated toward this era in general. As I had written about in my last blog post, it was while I watched shows and old movies that I enjoyed, and I noted the art in the background. I also studied the googie architecture of that time, the colors, the designs, cartoons, the animated styles and found that that was my absolute happy place! And that was the place I wanted to be!

My art isn’t one particular style, it comes out of my imagination in many styles. Created in florals, abstracts, and, fun characters, but one thing is for sure, it’s a cool, retro style! It’s a style and subject matter that you may have seen in your neighbor’s kitchen, or your aunt’s living room as a child, or, like me, something you’ve seen in a movie or television show.

I approach art fearlessly, well almost, I mean all artists have that bit of apprehension when creating. Artists want to present to the world art that’s good, they want it to be liked and appreciated by others. But art does not have to be a reflection of oneself, it’s a journey, it’s a process.

My creation called Funky Sunflowers. Highly likely you would have seen something like this in someone's livingroom in 1967.

When I get an idea for a new piece, I first sketch it out on a little note cards, then I start. I don’t put anything else on the canvas but paint, in other words, I do not sketch it out on the canvas first. It’s paintbrush to canvas and go! I do, however, have a color palette in mind before I start.

My style is very bright, colorful and images are solid, and without brush strokes, almost as if created digitally. I paint in layers letting each dry in between the next until I get the right look I want. Then I add in black painted lines with a paint pen or a very thin brush to give it that extra added flair and style…and voila!

My pineapple creation before the finishing touches...

...and the pineapple after the finishing touches.

I always take my art to get photographed by a professional, so that I have the capability to print duplicates at a high resolution, making it so the copies reflect the original pieces.

I hope you enjoy what you see!

Thank you for reading my blog and joining me in my journey!

Take a look in my Shop! See what you like! Comment below because I’d love to hear from you! You can also email me direct at

Thank you!

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