Where did the House of the Future go?

Hello! Most of us may be too young to remember visiting the House of the Future at Disneyland but we still have seen stories, read articles, or gawked at photos, and have subsequently remained intrigued and nostalgic for a time when the "Future" meant convenience, and plastics were the were the wave of the future.

The House of the Future (or The House of Tomorrow, as it was sometimes called) was brought to us by the company Monsanto, a company that has not received the best press in more recent years as they were the company to bring us genetically modified seeds and plants, looked very different back in the 1950s. Their innovation and ideas brought into the 1950s were applauded and seen as futuristic and fantastic!

With the new advances in chemically manufactured plastics being developed in the 1940s and then into the 1950s, this futuristic house was constructed out of 100% plastic to prove that the development and advancing use of this form of material would bring us endless possibilities in design and product versatility. Plastic was easily molded, easy to clean and would last we see now today.

Ladies and gentlemen, the House of the Future as it stood near the center of Disneyland!

The house was constructed by Monsanto Company and the Disney Imagineering crew with the help of architectures and civil engineers from MIT in 1957.

Here's a short film about it here: Enjoy!

My favorite parts of this film are where they tell about how the temperature control panel can also emit scents of "roses or salty sea air" into any room, and how the push button phone was to be used in the bedroom area so as not to disturb "M'lady's dressing". I love it!

The bottom photo features "M'lady"

Visitors flocked to see this magnificent marvel so they too could dream of an easier way of living, and this house demonstrated that well! Over 430,000 visitors came to visit it in the first 6 weeks of it opening and ultimately 2 million people saw it over the 10 years it was open.

The House of the Future was taken down 10 years after it had been constructed, in 1967. The demolition did not go as planned, as the wrecking balls set to be used could not take it down this fabricated fantasy! They eventually had to take it down by crushing it and breaking it into small pieces. For me, I find it a shame this great piece of the Mid Century era could not have been saved and brought out again at a later date.

Ahh Monsanto, thank you for your intriguing innovation...

Today, we can see where this House once stood atop its foundation. I recently went to visit this spot.

Walking up the exit area for Tinkerbell's Pixie Hollow you can walk right up to where the foundation lays, and what is now a flower/plant bed. Here are a few photos I took:

Walking up the Pixie Hollow exit... and look straight ahead to see...

Remnants of the base structure surrounded by plants...

Look just beyond those two left palms...

A photo of The House of the Future in the late 50s taken from the Disneyland Skyway

I hope you enjoyed this look at a Disneyland walk-through exhibit that piqued the interest of many when it opened, and still does many decades later.

And just one more...this is a small painting I did of the House of the Future one afternoon:

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And speaking of just happens to be inspired by the It's a Small World ride:

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