Vintage Cooking Pamphlets

Today, let's take a look at Vintage Cooking Pamphlets that have so much Mid Mod Flair!

For years I have been collecting these little pamphlets of fabulous illustrated eye candy. I started by seeing them at garage sales and estate sales and I couldn't help myself, I couldn't look away or leave without them. People put so much into these as they were made to not only promote a style of cooking but were brought to you by dairy councils, cookware manufacturers, or food product companies. They were aimed to entice women and wives everywhere to use their products.

One of the most important jobs for any homemaker was to create delicious and healthy meals for her family. And these pamphlets were going to show her just how to do that! Let's take a closer look at a few samples from my collection...

This little gem is a 23 page pamphlet by Golden Dipt Manufacturing Company in Oakland, California: "The Home of Frying Pan Magic". Golden Dipt made Ready-to-use Mixes to use on your fish, poultry and meats.In the booklet as in most of these there are illustrations as well as tasty photos of food.  I'm just showing you the illustrations here...and wow! there are some really fun ones!

Continuing on the subject of meat here's a booklet with loads of fun: Whoop-de-do Barbecues brought to us by: Everywoman's Family Circle 

and this one is dated, July 1959.

It's gives all the advice and the How-tos having to do with Barbecuing! These Illustrations are fabulous and it is signed by the illustrator, not all of them are, most illustrators are never acknowledged. In the right bottom corner of this one it reads M. Trinque....Thank you M. Trinque for your creative contribution!

Next up: The H. J. Heinz Company is telling you how that by using their condensed soup products, you too can make many types of delicious soup!

No illustrator is credited nor is there a date, but this pamphlet is 45 pages of not only delicious soup recipes but delicious illustrations:

They also throw in some breads and dessert recipes!

and here's the back cover...

So much Mid Century Illustrated Greatness!

And here's another...and a very colorful one indeed! I absolutely love this color combination!

These colors are used throughout this little book...oh, right and I should mention that this is more of a hardcover booklet rather than a paper pamphlet but it's small and one of my favorites, so I added it in here...Published by Peter Pauper Press

Compiled by Evelyn Loeb  With Decorations by Maggie Jarvis in 1965,,,.it's a sheer Mid Century Marvel!

let's take a peek...

And now here's a cute one...with anthropomorphic veggies, meats and desserts dancing and smiling... they are so cute it almost makes youNOT want to eat them! This booklet is brought to us by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, in 1968, 

as the Metropolitan Company wants you to eat well and stay healthy!

It's like the food is saying "We are so happy to make you feel good!"

So much fun!!

And just a couple of honorable mentions,,,so to speak...these pamphlets have fabulous covers that I just have to share...

'Gel it' comes to us from Knox and it informs us to make molded food, yes, you read that correctly, molding your food into many shapes with the use of Knox gelatin! They state in the booklet "Adding form to your food" get your aluminum molds ready! And the second one is from the Dairy Council of California telling us to add sour cream to our dishes as it "adds a new flavor to family favorites."

I hope you enjoyed this look at Mid Century Cooking pamphlets, I enjoyed sharing some of my collection with you!


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