The Courtesy Coffee Shop

If you’re on your way to California from Arizona (or going to Arizona from California) via Interstate 10, and you’re a Mid Century enthusiast, you might want to Exit at Lovekin in Blythe, California, and stop by the Courtesy Coffee Shop. Built in 1964, it still stands at the corner of Lovekin and Hobson Way.

Here it is:

The little Cocktail sign..swwooonnn…

That roof line!

The sign is faded, the top no longer spins, but it’s still fun on the outside, look at that roof! What I’m dying to tell you about today is really what’s inside. As you step into the diner area, it’s nice, it has good bones, the beams, the style, they’ve kept it basically the same, with some modern changes, wish they would’ve kept the original lamps and that upholstery!

Here’s a postcard from back in the day….

Postcard of the Coffee shop…1964

Today, it’s still very attractive:

Ceiling fans and TVs…oh well

Love those beams!

When I was there some years ago and I went into the Ladies room, the restrooms had great signage! As I recall the Women’s room sign wasn’t as intact as the men’s room sign:

Such style!

I then noticed a door near the restrooms that led to another room, the sign read: ‘Cocktail Lounge’…

Cocktail Lounge…well, Lunge

I knew something was up when I first saw this outdoor sign:

You gotta love a great “Cocktail” sign!

…I was intrigued. So interested in what was behind that door that I asked the waitress, and she told me she would unlock it and show it to us…and low and behold…There. It. Was! The cocktail lounge pretty much as it was in its heyday!!

I almost feel over when I saw this!

All red leather coolness, groovy lamps, wood beams, rock walls! I do wonder what the original lamps looked like though.

And, by the way, look at the door the waitress opened for us, it was padded red leather too!

Ohhh myyyy….

That glass wall!

I was thrilled that I had asked about this room. It was virtually untouched, the classic style remained, I mean, WOW!

The folded white cloth napkins on the deep red tablecloths, classic!

The rock walls and, again, that window in the back!

The bar…but with a modern television and recessed lighting… still very cool

It was so much fun to be able to step back in time that day!

So, if you find yourself driving through Blythe, California stop in and ask to take a peek!

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And just a couple more…

Not one of my photos, but here it is decorated for Christmas!

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