Hashtags and How They Can Help Your Business or To Make Friends!

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By Angela at Mid Mod Flair

Welcome! I’m going to talk about gaining followers, making friends on social media, and better yet, how to gain customers for your business by using hashtags!

Maybe you’ve already heard some of what I am about to say, but it’s always good to get another person’s perspective on subjects such as this to find out what works best for them, that way you can then determine how to put things into play in your own way.


You’ve seen hashtags all over the social media these days and right now the most popular ones consist of #doglover #love #instagood #happy and #tbt just to name a few. The tbt meaning “Throw Back Thursday” gets used a LOT and it’s used when people post a photo from their past. But these hashtags I named above may have nothing whatsoever to do with you or your business or even your interests. Some may be way too generalized to appropriately zero in on specific interests, or people you might want to make a connection with. Try to be specific a little when using hashtags.

Similar to keywords used on a website, hashtags are used primarily for search optimization. Tucked away at the end of an Instagram post or a Twitter feed or on Facebook these simple key words help you identify and define what you are posting about. Like I said before, they can be hidden in your post or very obvious. I list mine way down below my original caption as to not distract from what I am primarily trying to say. I will hit return and add a period a few times before I go into my hashtags. I have a list I use and there are several hashtags I ALWAYS use.

Here’s one of my long lists of hashtags below my posted photo and caption. I also tagged a couple companies and used their account name. You too can do this to get exposure and maybe they will use your post and repost on their feed!

I will always hashtag my business name #midmodflair, and one thing I did before that became my business name was to check to see if other people were using this as a hashtag to see the popularity of it.


In business, of course, you WANT your name to be popular! Or to see people using it tacked on to posts that may pertain to your business. That was a big factor for me in deciding my name BUT your business name isn’t always going to be a popular hashtag, and that’s ok. You can make it popular by beginning to use it in your posts. Create YOUR own list of favorable and popular hashtag words and phrases. On my list, after I first use my name as a hashtag I go into other #midmod tags, for instance just that: #midmod #midmoddécor and go into spelling out the full subject such as #midcenturymodern and all of the hashtags similar to these because of my art and my business.

Here’s where I used a hashtag and my business name so they know where to find me!

Using words that pertain to your business whether it be pets, art, fashion, farming or accounting people will find you if you use the right words.

So, for instance, if you a dog groomer and you want to find customers for your business you might use #doggrooming #loveyourdog #healthydog #cleandog. Take a look at other instagram users that do what you do and see what they use as their hashtags, and more than that, follow some of the people to learn what they post,, you may even make some good friends that way too as well gain followers yourself and customers. Use your town or city’s name in hashtags or city areas to also help people find where you and/or your business is located. I did this and gained many followers even if they are not in my field, I’ve made some local friends! They can become customers or I will invite them to art shows that I am involved in. It’s networking!

Some people may also use hastags for fun and as an extension of their caption below their photos for instance a photo of a tree that fell in a persons yard may have hastag #whatamigoingtodonow or a photo of a dad rocking a bay to sleep and the hastags might be #ijustwanttogotobed. Now, these hashtags may not ever be searched by anyone, they are just for fun. To benefit the best from hashtag use keep your hashtags on the one subject that interests you, such as, #bookclub.

Hashtags have the potential to get tracked by many people who are looking for people with similar interests. I look out for other artists that share my love of Mid Century Modern art, Retro art so I may search #midcenturyart #retroart or maybe I want to see who to follow who also loves #thriftstorefinds so they love #thriftstoreshopping or they may use the hashtag #thriftstorequeen.

Need to find my thrift store buddies!

Hashtags give you the opportunity to reach out to other likeminded people. They are searchable so if you are looking to connect to people all you have to do is search on Instagram or on Facebook and voila!

You can even check the popularity of a hashtag on many marketing sites too! These sites may help you strategize your searches.

So there you have it! Hashtags are not going anywhere and it seems we will be using them to gain recognition and followers for a very long time. My suggestion is to get to know the ones you wish to use for gaining followers, friends, clients or customers. And make your list and use it often!


Comments or questions? Please write them below…

Thank you for following along!


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