Good Neighbor Sam

Updated: Sep 16, 2020


It's been a while...and this year has been nuts! But, I plan on getting everything back to normal and posting regularly. I hope everyone is we go!...

I'm beginning with a look at the film "Good Neighbor Sam" starring Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider and Dorothy Provine

Dorothy Provine, Romy Schneider, and Jack Lemmon

The premise of the movie is that Sam (Jack Lemmon) helps a family friend (Romy Schneider) out by posing as her husband so that she can inherit a substantial sum of money. While this is all going on, his work (he works at an ad agency) needs a good, clean couple for an ad campaign and they choose him and his "fake" wife, not his real wife (Dorothy Provine)... so, chaos ensues.

It's one of my favorite films (I have many) and it has some great Mid Mod Flair in it...let's take a look...

First off, that headboard! I believe it may be Broyhill, not sure but it is sooo cool.... here's a closer look:


The house they own is a sweet 1940s ranch home and the location is somewhere in Tarzana even though the film takes place in San Francisco.

Such a delightful Mid Century neighborhood!

And look at the backyard exterior...although this is a set.

That corner window!

Here are a few interior shots:

Their kitchen is fun, and the character Minerva (Minni) cooks with Belgian DescoWare! 

The favorite cookware of Julia Child (by the way).

There's a fun cocktail and dancing scene as well!

The costumes!

Look How cute this is on Dorothy Provine!

And Romy Schneider in fuzzy fuchsia!

And Dorothy in this purple!

I love the hairstyles! Romy's color is what I strive for!

What style! What Mid Mod Flair! It's such a fun movie...go check it out!

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