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It’s holiday time, time for friends and family to visit, time to bake and cook, time to clean and decorate, but when is it time to be creative? This is the one time during the year where your time may be slated to do other things besides your everyday work, your weekly errands or tend to regular business, but if you’re a creative, like me, it is important to make the time to do the thing you love. Even if you haven’t zeroed in on that one creative outlet, make time for that as well. Yes!

Your time to be creative, and whether or not it is career oriented, it is important either way to take a couple of hours a day and get your creative mind going!

I used to work in an office, you too might be working in an office right now, and you, like me, hate it. You don’t have to hate it, it might me the means to an end, but you will hate it less when you give yourself that time to do what you love each day. No, really, the more you work at something that doesn’t inspire you, motivate you or make you happy, the more you will fall into a slump and not have that energy to give your creative self. Leave the work at work, and give yourself the time to be happy.

She’s happy because she is going home to paint! (Me)

I am my own business, I am my own boss, I create to earn a living, and I too have to prepare for family and holidays too, but I keep to my schedule and still accomplish the things I need to keep the business wheels rolling.

I’m a list maker and it helps to write the chores down as well as the list of creative achievements for the day. Even if it just an hour or even 20 minutes, find the balance! Go into each day and know that that time for yourself is just a couple of hours away or those hours are there when you come home from your day job. And don’t get caught up in other menial tasks or time wasters just to take up headspace or help you relax, the time you take to involve your imagination is better time spent and will relax you the most!

Think about it, how many times do you find yourself checking social media, scrolling through posts or watching your favorite YouTuber? That’s time you could be using to follow a dream to create something YOU can post or YOU can upload onto YouTube. Get people to follow you and to appreciate what you are offering the world. Find ways to make time to do the things that are important to you.

This guy is making time for himself, you should too!

Once you make your time valuable it will be easier to say no to things you might not be particularly into doing. So when a friend asks you to attend an event you are not thrilled about attending, or a friend asks you to help them move, which normally you’d be so giving of your time and do so, you can say no and that’s ok. Some day you might be able to play the piano because you said no, you took that time to learn!

Saying no once in a while won’t make you a social outcast!

It’s OK to say no.

I find that creating a day-to-day schedule and sticking to it works best. Sure, some extra things will come up but give yourself a little leeway to make up for that time.

For instance my laundry days are Sunday and Wednesday, I stick to it.. I spend an hour in the morning cleaning up after breakfast and then I get to work. Because I’m having to spend extra time cleaning and preparing for holiday gatherings and events, I give myself two hours a day for that, when normally I’d block out a Saturday morning for house chores. And errands are run when needed but I like getting those done, if need be, first in the morning. When I have appointments with clients, or my photographer I work those in.

Keep a daily/ weekly planner, and even if it’s not for work reasons, schedule your time to write, to learn an instrument, to paint, to illustrate, anything! It’s your time and you will be so happy you took the time!

My everyday planner, get one for yourself, make YOUR plan!

Go forth and create! Making the time and taking the time will make you feel accomplished and you will have a better attitude, believe me!

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And just one more…

And just one more…

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