"The Little House where Mary Lived”

One of my favorite, artists and designers is Mary Blair. If you are reading this, she may be one of your favorites too! But this post won’t be about her art and her work with Walt Disney, this is my pictorial about when I visited a home where Mary and her husband, Lee, once lived. It’s at 3763 Fredonia in the Hollywood Hills. Look it up, it’s for sale again!

Mary’s house

Tucked away on the side of a hill, near Cahuenga Pass, sits a beautiful house built in 1939, and designed by Architect Harwell Hamilton. Hamilton was influenced by both American and European architecture, and was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wight. Under Wright’s guidance, Hamilton learned to create a continuum between the interior and exterior of the houses he designed, as you will see in some of my photos, the gardens come right up to the large doors and windows. This bridged gap between home and nature, which was typical for many Mid Century homes especially those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

“No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.” ~Frank Lloyd Wright

And that’s exactly how this house is designed “of the hill”.

You will also note the clean fluid spaces through the house in these photos, as that was another one of Hamilton’s trademarks that came out of his time spent working with Wright.

Living room interior and shots of large doorways/windows to the outside

The house is a small 1254 square foot, two bedroom, one bath, house. But what it lacks in space it makes up for in gorgeous design!

Here is one of the bedrooms: You can see it’s small and simple, and serves its purpose.

And here’s the view from the doorway looking out toward the windows

You can see the fluidity from indoor space to the outdoors.

Here are some hillside shots looking up… such gorgeous views from the road below

Lee and Mary lived here from the time it was built in 1939 until 1946 while Lee and Mary both worked at Disney Studios in Burbank.

One rather large room, the 2nd bedroom, was used an art studio for both Lee and Mary.

Nice and spacious with lots of natural light! An artists dream space!

Me, sitting in the art room, acting like I am doing something

Looking out from the art room to a large veranda

Another example of the continuum from interior of house to exterior gardens

Another example of the continuum from interior of house to exterior gardens:

Just thinking of what was created in that art room! I’m sure it was magic!

Mary working at her desk, most likely at Disney Studios.

Part of the staging of the house that day contained some of Mary’s work

“Watermelon Boy” and “Lemonade Girl”

I must have taken more than 200 photos this day as I thought “Hey, I may never get to be here again, so I’m gonna go for it!”

The kitchen still had very dated fixtures and appliances, but this was in 2015, the house was purchased again in 2017 and there were many (well-suited) upgrades done. The kitchen looks very different today. The house is again, up for sale, so take a peek at photos online, if you’d like.

Here’s the old kitchen

You might be wondering how, if this house is on the side of a hill, how do you get up to it? You would park down below, as there is a garage (and that is also where the mailbox is located) and then you’d use steps and trails to go up. And, if you had parcels to bring up a handy cart on a track was built to help with that

Pretty cool, right? I’d put my cats in it for rides!

And here is the bathroom

Small, but again, served its purpose

And here are the door entries

Front entrance
Side doors inviting the outside to come in…I wonder if a bird ever flew in?

That’s the end of my photo review of my visit to one of the houses where Mary Blair once lived! I hope you enjoyed it.

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~ Angela

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